Who we are

Together in life and work, Sergio Brovelli and Maria Vittoria Vanoni are the creators of 58 Ettore Ponti.

Our boutiques represent the synthesis of our personalities and our managerial experiences for more than twenty years in the world of optics for Sergio and in that of luxury jewelry and antiques for Maria Vittoria.

In 2015 we decided to invest in the concept of a proximity shop, and we bet on via Ettore Ponti. The district's choice was a challenge, starting from the idea of ​​enhancing the peripheral areas, with the belief that beauty and good taste can be found everywhere.

We believe we have won the bet, and after little more than a year, we have opened our second shop in Via Crema in the heart of the central and pulsating Porta Romana, even more characterised by small and large pieces of art, design, and antiques, collected in our travels around the world.

We are lovers of beauty, curious and sophisticated.

We believe that our strong point - research - is represented by the selection of eyewear we offer, which is always new and never banal, the expression of designers worldwide. Also, we tend to be constantly updated in prescription lenses, Sunglassesglasses, contact lenses, and cutting-edge instruments for measuring eyesight.

58 Ettore Ponti is the mirror of our identities and of what we are: a seesaw between Sergio's patient rigour, Maria Vittoria's eclectic, outspoken and sparkling personality, and our shared attention to detail and to sustainability issues, which today are reflected in the choice of materials and product packaging.